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All-Black with filter

  1. We have a limited number of all-black reusable masks

  2. These 3-ply cotton masks are sold in the online shop bundled with our Level 2 surgical masks

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For those who are at low risk environments and at lower density areas

Make your statement with custom branding!

Understanding that many of us in the US are not in situations that call for maximum protection all the time, we decided to source reusable mask options. The criteria are,

  • Multi-layers of fabric

  • Aggressively contoured to ensure proper fit

  • Embedded nose clip for nose and cheek fit

  • Adjustable earloop straps

  • Pocket to enable a filter to be inserted if needed

  • Customizable by fabric color selections and embroidery or printing

The reusable mask that we are now offering meets all the criteria plus at a very reasonable cost.

While we do have premade five-layer filter media available and when ordering, such filters can be bundled together with the mask; a trimmed surgical mask can be alternatively inserted into the pocket as a filter. This means that the filters will be more available (Check out a demo video below or here). Although it is yet to be tested by smarter people, we deduct that with a filter or even a surgical mask (especially a Level 2 like ours) as a filter, this reusable mask will perform as good or better than a typical surgical mask due to the tight-fitting and the additional layers. Wouldn't you agree?


As shown in studies, a good fit is essential to effective protection for the wearer and others around. Basically, the tighter the better especially at the nose bridge and cheeks.  

We do not carry these masks in stock since we will never have the right colors, so we are only offering these to governments, institutions, and organizations as custom orders. The turnaround time, including delivery, will be between 15-25 days, depending on quantity and design complexity.

There have been concerns about "special" antibacterial treatments being used by some cloth masks manufacturers as being hazardous to the users. We feel that there is no reason to use such chemicals since, according to the FDA and CDC, cloth masks should be washed after every use. Any additional treatment may expose the user to additional unnecessary risk. 
If daily washing is inconvenient or impossible, we recommend using good disposables, like our approved disposable flat masks or respirator.   

Here are FDA's recommendation on cloth mask cleaning,

  1. Currently, the Reusable Face Masks are sold in minimum orders of 200 pieces per order. Additional bulk discounts are available.

  2. Included in the order are choice of fabric color and custom embroidery or printing.

  3. Also available are pre-made 5-layer filters that can be bundled in 5 or 10 filters to a mask.

  4. Children sizes are available (perfect for schools).

We feel this will allow us to help encourage mask-wearing to protect everyone - your church, school, place of work, or clients.

Pricing are as follows:

$3.85 each for orders over 200 pieces

$3.00 each for orders over 1000 pieces

$2.50 each for orders over 2000 pieces

$1.85 each for orders over 4000 pieces

Small quantities are currently available for sale in store

Mask in Mask - Demonstration

This is a demonstration of how our reusable mask can be fit with a filter when the risk of infection is elevated.