Copious Daily Combo - 200 Level 3s + 40 KN95 L-103Vs

Copious Daily Combo - 200 Level 3s + 40 KN95 L-103Vs

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This is the Daily Combo package consisting of 200 pieces of the Level 3 Disposable Flat Masks and 40 pieces of the KN95 L-103V Medical-grade respirators.

Bought separately, these would cost $296, but as a combo package, the is price discounted 10% and ships FREE.


200 pieces of medical-grade disposable masks.

  • These are FDA approved as medical devices with approved 510k.
  • Certified and tested to ASTM 2100-19 as Level 3.
  • Maximum splash (160mmHg) and flame resistant.
  • BFE >99% and PFE (0.1 microns) >98%.
  • Comes in Ready-to-dispense box. 


Remember, masks for public are not required to meet or be tested to medical grade. We do that to be sure that we are held to a good, proven standard for the public safety sake. While we are registered and approved to be sold to healthcare sector, these masks are made from a separate line just for the general public.  


40 pieces of the KN95 L-103V (FDA cleared as medical-grade) respirator.

You may have saw on the news how hundreds of KN95s were tested by the CDC and failed to consistently meet the filtration efficiency test. The L-103V is one of the very few that passed and vetted by the FDA as approved. The reason for lower cost KN95s in the market are more than likely those that didn't make the cut, but since it is for public use, the FDA doesn't regulate them. So it is up to the public to choose wisely.


Please note that each respirator can be used throughout the day or if not soiled or wet for two days at the most. A pair of masks are in each resealable bags. We do recommend no more than 4 hours of mask wearing without breaks. Take a few minutes break will be refreshing. 


All products are hypoallergenic and latex-free.

Please dispose of your used masks responsibly.


**Please know that respirators are meant to be tight when worn. This is to ensure that there is a good seal around the face for maximum filtration. To some, this may get uncomfortable or take some getting used to. We recommend the nose clip be spread wider before wearing the mask; this helps with comfort, especially since it is quite stiff in order to maintain the shape of the mask when worn. Remember, a loose respirator is not an effective respirator.**


    Due to the current events, the sensitive nature of these items and sanitary concerns, returns, or refunds are not accepted, nor orders are cancellable.


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