UK and France are urging while Germany is mandating the public to wear Medical-Grade masks!

In the case of the "we told you so", Europe is beginning to share the understanding that cloth masks don't do enough to curb the spread of COVID-19, especially the more infectious variants that are going around now. The most significant difference between cloth masks and the proven medical-grade disposables, whether respirators (N95 or KN95 or FFP2) or surgical masks, is the poor sub-micron filtration afforded by cloth masks, single-layer or multi-layer.

Cloth masks are only useful up to droplet resistance, which is still not to the standard of medical-grade masks, but as we see in recent studies, the airborne and ventilation effects are supporting the spread of the virus, which is too small to be filtered by cloth masks.

Adding to the problem, there are currently vast supplies of disposable masks available at various price points, but most, if not all, are not tested to medical standards. The most critical of the tests is the Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE), which is only required for medical-grade masks and at a minimum should be >95% (0.1 micron).

So if you don't get masks from our store, please be sure to look out for the following criteria wherever you buy from.

  • PFE (0.1 micron) >95% *this is not the same as BFE

  • Tested to ASTM 2100 Level 2 or 3 (Level 1 is OK but quite far from Level 2)

  • Don't go for any that says, "Not for medical use."

Here are the links to the recent articles about Europe's mask guidelines. Remember from last year, everything happens there first and will then get to us here shortly.

Stay safe.

Germany mandating medical-grade masks

UK urging Medical-grade masks use

France urging Medical-grade masks use

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