Do masks work?

Recently, CDC reports that 85% of COVID-19 patients often or always wore masks. 

The question is, what kind of masks were they relying on? Cloth masks? Untested disposables?

This doesn't seem to be an issue in countries where masks are tested and held to high standards. Nor is it the case with our healthcare professionals that depend on masks everyday. 

Know your masks before you depend on them!

For those travelling this season, please protect yourself and others with proper proven masks.



Did you know that there are no standards in the USA for masks other than those used in healthcare? 

This means that we won't know if the publicly available masks that are sold everywhere actually work, yet we are supposed to wear them? 


In response to the flood of unproven and low-quality face masks found on sale during a time when we depend on these to keep us safe, AEA's goal is to provide only tested and approved face masks and FFRs. This means that our general-purpose mask products do achieve the highest quality.

The FDA have established high standards to ensure device performances. The standards include several ASTM tests performed in registered laboratories. To ensure quality and performance, AEA disposable masks and respirators are put through these tests and are proven to meet the high established standards. This assures that the masks the public uses will indeed protect as designed.

There are scores of masks and respirators in the market that are counterfeits, registered to the FDA but not actually tested (yes, it can be done), or tested but not to the US medical standards, or sold with misleading claims (like FFP Level 2 which is not the same as ASTM Level 2). We have even found masks that claim medical masks but are not to the US medical standards which are openly listed on the FDA database.

The FDA (link here) has stated that if the masks are not for medical use, they will not regulate them. As a result, without oversight, public masks can be anything. It is on the public to be wiser and know what to look for. As you study our product details, you will learn more and know what questions to ask as you find your masks.


Since there are situations where reusable cloth masks are adequate, and of better value, it is still essential to ensure that such masks are more than just a loose cloth over the face. After studying previous research and issues with existing masks, we have designed our reusables for the needed protection, adjustability, and comfort. Being fabric made, these masks can be customized with logos and branding, which is not available with disposables.


Features of our reusables include,

  1. multi-layered static-free cotton, 

  2. extra wide coverage, 

  3. nose and ear-loop strap adjustments,

  4. the availability of a filter pocket to accommodate filters or even disposable masks. 


With different situations and circumstances, different types of masks may be more suitable. Below are the [3] types that should cover all walks of life. Check each one out to learn more about it and see how it fits your needs. 

As you review these masks, remember that if our healthcare heroes can count on these, we can confidently do so for ourselves. 







There is hope!

AEA has taken public masks to the next level by testing and certifying them to the same standards regulated by the FDA as medical-grade masks. 

AEA's objective is to make available effective, proven and certified face masks and respirators to anyone.


Caring for the air we breathe

Quality and Fair Pricing is the Exceptional Value that AEA Group brings. Every supplying partner has to be proven to high-quality standards by accredited bodies. From the beginning, all AEA divisions are continually finding ways to break out of the commodity box by seeking out what would benefit our clients most. AEA does not let manufacturing norms dictate the product but rather the added value to the client's benefit.

AEA Group's mask and respirator division's objective is to make quality and effective masks and respirators available and accessible to the general public.

During the global emergency, the healthcare sector has its limited partners serving their PPE needs (so limited that they weren't enough), while on the other hand, the general public has been left to feed on unproven, untested, and inadequate quality masks. However, as the country recovers, the public needs just as effective masks and respirators to protect themselves and others.  

With this objective, AEA has sourced out and made available masks and respirators that meet the same performance standards as those used by the healthcare professionals and make them open to the public.   

AEA Group was founded in 2017 on the principles of investing in the caring trade. 

AEA is an active vendor in the federal SAM program, an approved PPE vendor for the state of Tennessee, and multiple other states. Other divisions of AEA have also been involved in public and private projects across the USA. 

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We’re here for you when you need us! 

For larger order pricing or to inquire about our FDA cleared FFRs, Level 2 surgical masks, or adding your logo or artwork or statement to a reusable mask, please use the form below or send us an email. We will be sure to get back with you as soon as possible. Usually within the same day!

If you are looking to purchase smaller quantities of the FDA cleared FFRs or Level 2 surgical masks that we stock, please do so here.  

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